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2020 Chinese National Holidays - Year of White Rat


People have business with China probably know Chinese has a golden-week holiday for China National Day. The National Day of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 2020. Actually, the National Day is a 3-day legal public holiday. Chinese work two adjacent weekend days for October 4th and October 5th. Therefore, the National Day has seven days long, including the prior or subsequent weekend. 

 The National Day might become an 8-day holiday, if the Chinese Moon Festival (Mid-Fall Festival) falls on the previous weekend or same week of the National Day, then the golden-week holiday will include extra 1-day holiday for Chinese Moon Festival. The other 7-day holiday is the Spring Festival of Chinese New Year. Chinese employees who work on the national holidays can have double-time pay. They might have triple pay on the day of the festival.

2020 Chinese National Holidays - Year of White Rat Company News

We will have our holidays from Oct. 1st to Oct. 8th.

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