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How to Choose the Right Worktop for your Kitchen?


Worktops are literally the center of all action in any kitchen. How a kitchen looks and mostly how convenient it is to work is all dependent on its worktop.

When it comes to worktops, there are literally thousands of options available that end up confusing the customer and make the whole process more trouble than it really have to. In this blog, experts have categorized different worktops along with their benefits and ideal usage to help customers choose the best fit.


Whatever be the kind of worktop you choose, your first step is to do templating. While some materials can be cut at your location (although we never recommend on-site cutting due to lack of precision and accuracy when compared to industrial conditions) according to your needs, other types need to be cut at factory point. For the latter, you have to precisely measure your worktop measurements and share it with your buyer.

Quartz Worktops

One of the newest advancements in the worktops world has been the invention of quartz worktops. Almost better in all respects than naturally occurring stones, quartz worktops are latest additions in some of the best kitchens in the world.

Granite worktops

The next popular choice is Granite Worktops. Granite is a very beautiful and naturally occurring stone that is used in houses, restaurants and building everywhere. Due to its natural shine and tough character, granite has made a place for itself in the market and is often found in all types of buildings.


Another very beautiful naturally occurring stone is Marble. Marble is elegant to look at and is available in a number of neutral shades with different patterns, veins are a common pattern in Marble worktops. Marble is also very durable as compared to some of the other naturally occurring stones. It is heat and abrasion resistant and doesn’t chip off quite naturally unless subjected to extreme pressure from a pointed source. Marble needs to be re-polished once in two years.


Limestone is one of the best choices (as long as you don't mind eventual stains on the material) as it is visually appealing and durable. Available in cream and white coloured tones, limestone is the perfect neutral to pair your complement your highlights with. Limestone worktops make an elegant and beautiful addition to your kitchen. This versatility in use and brilliant aesthetics make limestone one of the most popular choices when it comes to worktops.

Limestone is also relatively inexpensive when compared with some of the other worktop materials such as marble. One of the reasons for this is the abundance and hence the easy availability in most regions. However, the quality and texture varies from one place to another.

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