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How To Solve 3 Seriously Bending In Quartz Stone Slabs ?


You know that sometimes face Bending In Quartz Stone Slabs problem in during the production and we are giving you solve of your all issues in our below information.

These all technical information #100% Free and happy to serve you.

How to solve the bending problem in quartz stone slabs?

In the Quartz Stone industry have a major problem is banding.

This banding Problem is affected by the following region.

  • 1. Quartz Stone Machinery problem
  • 2. Quartz Stone Chemical composition
  • 3. Environment
  • 1. Quartz Stone Machinery problem

  • Whether you need to check In Oven Machine pusher working properly or not.
  • Check the whole Oven Machine plate whether the plate has stick any material then clean it properly.
  • Check the Oven Machine plate temperature if it varies 1 to 5 degrees then no problem but if more than 5 degrees then you should have to clean the oil and clean the heating plate by pushing air.
  • Also check the oil filter condition, if required to change then please put a new filter.
  • Whether heating coil taking correct different then change with the new heating rod.
  • Whether oil pump impeller rubbed then change with new, it maintaining the oil flow.
  • It should be 5kg pressure.
  • 2. Chemical Composition

  • First, you need to plus-minus its hardener and silean.
  • If not meet the result then need to change resin supplier you will get the result to follow up our instruction.
  • 3. Environment

  • Whether the bent is positive or negative you need to adjust and observe the bend of slabs and change the temperature and take the trail every hour.
  • If bend positive means, bowl type, then you need to increase the top temperature, and if vi-versa then you need to increase bottom temperature and change the time duration 50 to 60 minutes.
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