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How to solve the Deformation on quartz stone slab?


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1. Adjust the temperature of the upper and lower heating plates of the hardening oven so that the temperature difference is formed.

The direction of temperature difference should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

First, adjust to a certain direction, if the deformation is more serious, adjust it to the opposite direction.

If the deformation is better, continue to widen the temperature difference, the difference should be less than 8℃

2. Adjust the curing temperature of the hardening oven. Normally, it should be 85-95℃, and the curing time should be 45-55 min.

3. Replace resin or curing agent with better performance. (more stable during curing process)

4. Measure the temperature difference of the slab surface in hardening oven:

measure 6 points temperature (3 points on both sides of the long side), the temperature difference is recommended to be less than 5℃.

5. Check whether the temperature of the heating plate is the same as temperature-controlled meter, and must be according to the actual temperature of hardening oven if contradictions occur.

6. The slabs after curing are placed upright and clamped by C clamp. Grind and polish the slabs after they are fully cooled.

7. Check whether the towing frame of the cooling system is out of shape and, if there is, it needs to be straightened or replaced.

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