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Is There a Difference of Quality in Quartz Countertops?


Here's a brief explanation of quality as it relates to quartz fabrication.

Slab Consistency

Established quartz brands are known to manufacture slabs and tiles that aren't just attractive but also flawless. When you see quartz countertops that sport different shades across the slab, it doesn't necessarily mean it's lower-quality quartz. It's often based on what the manufacturer is trying to create.

Choice of Materials

There's more to quartz quality than just following the Breton manufacturing process. There's also the matter of where the crushed stone fragments are obtained and how much silicon dioxide crystals they contain. Respected manufacturers form agreements with quarries where fine quartz is extracted to ensure the fragments they use are high in silica.

Heat Resistance

Low-quality quartz provided by unregulated companies could have many flaws that increase the risk of damage from heat. Regardless of the type of quartz you have, you should never set a hot pan or pot directly on your countertop. Always use a trivet or hot pad for protection against damage. Lower-quality quartz can etch, and to protect against this, we recommend sealing the lower-quality quartz.
When you have high-quality quartz, it's important to care for it properly so you can maintain its quality for many years to come. Luckily, this is easy to do with a combination quartz cleaner and polish.
Whenever you see budget kitchen counters that are prefabricated and include their own quartz countertops, such as off-brands that are premade for DIY installation, there's a chance their quality may not be high enough for high-volume food preparation. Small holes on the surface of the slab could allow heat to enter, thus increasing the chance of damage.

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