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Six Things to Know about Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Being one of the most common mineral found on earth's crust, quartz is used in many important materials like glass, foundry sand, gemstones, etc. Its crystals are hexagonal in shape and its translucent appearance gives it a very solid and deep look. Chemically, quartz is silicon dioxide and comes in different colours like white, gray, purple, yellow, black, brown, green, red, etc.

Six things to know about Quartz kitchen countertops

These days, kitchen worktops made of quartz are very popular amongst architects, property developers and end clients. Quartz worktops such as Caesarstone Bianco Drift have several particular features which sets them apart from the rest.

These are mentioned below:

  • Like most other kitchen worktops, quartz countertops are very hard and durable. They could easily bear heavy appliances and last for decades.
  • Quartz worktops are available in hundreds of choices. These include Caesarstone, Silestone, Compac Quartz, Quartzforms etc. These are the leading manufacturers of quartz materials and have their own unique qualities. Caesarstone worktops are made by quartz stone manufacturers based in Israel and offer products like Caesarstone Bianco Drift.
  • Quartz worktops are composed by about 90-93% natural quartz which is combined with resins and polymers in order to give it unique texture and resistance to fluids.
  • Being stainless, quartz doesn't need to be sealed and this makes saves the users for unnecessary task of sealing the quartz worktops. The polymers present in the quartz worktops make it impervious to stains from wines and other such liquids.
  • Quartz is generally mined out in the form of crystals and grinded to pieces. Later on resins of several colours are added to give it a very deep and almost 3D appearance. It also gives it desired texture of several colours.
  • Quartz is highly resistant to heat, we always recommend to cover quartz worktops with a trivet or chopping board to protect it from hot containers taken directly out of the oven. It is also resistant to stains and scratches.
  • Overall, you will find quartz worktops very worthwhile for the kitchen worktops. These worktops are available in many colours and different textures. There are still many other options available for kitchen worktops and there are many approved suppliers selling the different varieties of kitchen worktops.

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