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What Is Calacatta Quartz Stone?


Many homeowners feel that a whiter marble looks more luxurious. They might opt for Calacatta, which is also fairly available in the US. (Somewhat confusingly, it's quarried in Carrara as well.) "Calacatta has a field that's bright white, and a lot more variation in color than Carrara," says Bruno. The veins are thick and dramatic, and can range in color from gold to brown to beige to dark gray.

Quartz Stone is made by selecting the superb natural quartz crystals, purified by special purification device to remove possible sawdust, metal scraps and other impurities containing in the quartz crystals, compositing the purified crystals with the polymeric materials in the vacuum state by the hyper dynamic power. The quartz making up as much as 93% of the total quartz stone, added the resin, mineral and other additives, going through the color mixing under the high pressure vacuum condition, becomes highly compact compound. After the professional cutting, drying, surface polishing, scraping and thickness calibrating, finally comes out the Joint Home quartz stone.


Calacatta is the type of vein of stone, and quartz stone is engineered stone. If you choose calacatta quartz type to make home decoration, you will get the comfortable effection: the jade-like mild quality and gathering or scattering veins, the unchanged classicism of beautiful stones have crated the European palace style luxury space, so delicate and gorgeous as to show the manners of good breeding and royal quality.

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Quarz Stone Advantages:
1. High gloss.
2. No scratch.
3. No color change.
4. High temperature resistance.
6. Rich color and full range of all styles.
7. Environmental friendly and surface smooth.
8. Easy to cleaned.

Widely used in the public building such as hotel, restaurant, bank, hospital, exhibition and so on as the interior wall, flooring, kitchen countertop, vanity countertop, table top, window, door decoration and others. It is a new building decorative material, non-radioactive and reusable.

What Is Calacatta Quartz Stone? Knowledge 2

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